Traveling to Ios Greece

Ios Greece NightlifeFor a few months every summer the island of Ios Greece is transformed into the party capital of the Greek islands.

Ios is peaceful and quiet during most of the year. The number of people living on the island all year round is low. During this time it is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a relaxing holiday. Most hotels are closed so book in advance to make sure you have some place to stay if you go here then. You will have all the beaches to yourself. The weather in Ios Greece in early spring is often rainy but you can also catch the sun and enjoy temperatures around 20′C. The closer you get to summer the less rain you get and the temperature states to rise.

Larger numbers of tourists starts to arrive in May and many people working in the island for the summer season also come at that time. The nightlife in Ios starts to come alive for real in June and in July it is pumping at full speed. The busiest time is at the end of July and beginning of August. Then the island is winding down again quickly in September. This is a perfect time to visit the island if you do not want to experience the wildest nightlife but still enjoy the warm weather. In October most bars and nightclubs in Ios are closed again. But the weather is still mostly fine and warm so this is another great opportunity for a peaceful holiday in Ios Greece where you can enjoy the beaches and beautiful scenery without to many other tourists on the island. Then comes the winter again with Ios mostly deserted except the lucky few who lives here all year round.

Ios Greece Beach

When is the best time to visit Ios Greece?

The seasons in Ios change as I described above. When the best time to visit is depends on what you are looking for with your holiday in Ios Greece. If you are only interested in the nightlife and wants the craziest experience possible with the most people then for the last week of July or beginning of August. Then the nightlife in Ios has reached its climax. The further away from these weeks that you visit the calmer the island will be. The nightlife is still good at the end of June and beginning of September but it is less intense. If you want peace and quiet then visit Ios even earlier or later in the season.

Ios Greece has something for everyone and as you have seen it also has many different faces during the year. When you should visit Ios island has a lot to do with what you are looking for with you holiday in Greece. Personally I prefer to go during the end of June and beginning of July when the nightlife is good but not as crazy as it is a couple of weeks later. The number of tourists increase quickly at this time as the days go by.