All About T-post

Here you find all you need to know about T-post and what you can find on this site. We are dedicated to write informative posts about everything that we like. What do we like then might you ask, well I’m glad that you asked. These are some of the things that you might find us writing about here

  • Traveling
  • T-shirts

So what does T-Post stand for?  Well it could be and abbreviation for Travel Post or it might just as well be short for T-Shirt Post since traveling and T-shirts are the two main subjects for this site.

In the future I might write about other subjects as well since I do have more interests than just these two. But for now you will have to do with reading about traveling and T-shirts. I hope you are as found of these subjects as I am.

Real-Life Superhero | Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt using Augmented Reality