Real-Life Superhero

It is time to turn into a real-life superhero and rescue mankind. So dig out your custom from your closet and put it one. I know that you all have one hidden somewhere. Go out into the world and great acts of kindness to everyone you meet. Together we can make the world a better place. If you are kind to 10 people and they get happy and are kind to 10 other ones that in their way are kind to 10 other people each then 1000 people have been influenced by your kindness. The chain may continue, only three steps further down and you have made 1 million people happier thanks to your superhero kindness.

So take the chance to make a difference. Become real-life superhero and put on your cloths. Bring someone to capture your good deeds on video and then upload them to YouTube for an even larger impact on the spreed of your kindness. Share the love and become a superhero.

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