Past Issues

As a site grows older some posts and issues become old and less interesting to read. I have collected some of these issues on this page. These are posts that no longer fit on the main page but is still worth saving for future references.

T-shirt and Higher Education is a post about the quality of the educational system and the variety of courses offered in collages and universities. Of course the T-shirt takes on an important role in this story. Read it if your are interested in knowing which courses are available for your collage education.

Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt using Augmented Reality is an inspiring post about vintage T-shirt that let you play the named game with a third arm that would grow out of your T-shirt when in from of a computer.

Real-Life Superhero tells the story about how you can make a difference in the every day life of million of people just by dressing up as a Real-Life Superhero and be kind to 10 random people on the street.

All About T-post has all the information that you need this site and why I’m writing it. You can also read about what to expect from this site in the future. A sneak preview, I will write a lot about Travelling and T-shirts. My two main interests in life.

If you have any questions for us then first read our FAQ to see if it is answered there. If it is not then send it to us straight away.

I hope you enjoy these posts and that you find something interesting to read on my site.