T-shirt and Higher Education

Studying at a Collage or University can be hard work and no play. Right? Well not really sometimes it is a lot more play that study at collage. But some activities that used to recreational and extracurricular are today part of the available courses at school! So put on your T-shirt and come along!

The number of strange classes to take has risen during the last couple of years. Some may argue that the collages are only riding on popularity waves and not focusing on subjects that are actually useful for the students future career. All this gives the students the chance to sign up to goofy classes on their parents dime.

Why not sign up for a class where you watch lots and lots of movies and TV Shows in class and your homework consists of playing video games. Will you manage to pass the tests in that class?
All for the good of your future career as a what? Well that’s up to you, you can probably get any job with that course in your exam.

Many collage students used to joke that their major was ”Underwater Basket-Weaving”, but today that is actually  a course at two different collages. So if you are or plane to be a student at UC San Diego or Reed College then do not miss this great opportunity to take that course. It will be great for your career…

Well the selection of courses luckily include other curses than just these goofy ones. And there is no harm in taking one or two of them as long as you do not think that you can major in them. Also it is your life, live it the way you like and hopefully you will look back on it one day without regret over missing that Underwater Basket-Weaving class in collage, with or without your T-shirt on.

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